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Brew a cup of local coffee and create stories about your community, using Kalkitos transfers! Singapore is a melting pot of diverse cultures! Every town has its own secrets and stories to tell, what do you remember from your childhood? Who are your neighbours? Are we all the same but different? Love local coffee, chatting and creating? We aim to take you on a journey where we draw upon experiences from Singapore's history to help you create new stories. Engage in a hands-on and interactive activity to create a story about your local community or neighbourhood. Firstly, participants will be guided in a simple yet mindful ice-breaker activity to brew a cup of traditional coffee to engage their senses and generate conversations and observations. In the second activity, participants will play the role of a mayor and create their own stories about their communities. Participants will be provided with different types of specially-designed 'Kalkitos' transfer sheets featuring objects and characters to create their own cities. Come create and converse over a cup of kopi! These activities are suitable for participants of all ages and for anyone who is young at heart!

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