18th January 2018 First Visit to Shrine in Kawagoe dressed in Kimono!  2018年1月18日「着物で初詣」in 川越
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Let’s visit a Temple & Shrine to make a New Year’s Wish dressed in Kimono!
Many Japanese people visit Shrines and Temples during the first three days of January for New Year’s wishes, praying for health, happiness etc. We call this “Hatsumode”.

You can experience the Japanese cultural event and wear Kimono at the same time at this event.

■About Kawagoe
Kawagoe enjoyed political and military importance during the Edo period as it offered northern protection for Edo Castle. Today, people can enjoy the vestiges of this era still visible in Kawagoe’s elegant streets, old-time sweet shops and the town bell that sounds on the hour. Stroll the streets of Koedo (Little Edo) and enjoy a trip back in time to the Edo Period.

■Event Course:
Renkeiji – Kitain – Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine – Koedo Kurari (lunch) with English Guide
(Our bus takes you from place to place)
18th January 2018 10am-14pm
■Meeting spot
Renkeiji (Address: 7-1 Renjyakucho Kawagoe)
What’s included ? Lunch, Kimono rental & fitting fee, bus fee, English Guide, tax

■Optional Tour ~Stencil Yuzen dyeing  600yen
Yuzen is a traditional craft tecnique, a starch-resist dyeing technique invented in Kyoto during the "Genroku" era. There are two kinds of Yuzen, hand drawing and stencil dyeing.
You can experience stencil dyeing at this event.

You can choose your favourite pattern from a selection of more than 200, and you will dye the pattern to make a bag which you can take home with you!


≪コース≫ 蓮馨寺⇒喜多院・氷川神社⇒小江戸蔵里(八州亭)でお食事の後解散
≪日 時≫ 平成30年1月18日(木) 
≪時 間≫ 10:00集合  14時解散(予定)     
≪定 員≫ 先着45名
≪参加費≫ 6,000円(ランチ代・着物レンタル代・着付け代・移動バス代・英語ガイド代・税込) 
≪オプショナルツアー≫ 600円
伝統工芸の型染め体験 *14時解散後に実施