Creative Raw Vegan Cooking Class
By Phyllis Riccia Koh Follow | Public

True Nature Academy is established to learn, teach, support conscious living lifestyle, connect with the communities in choosing, preparing, eating natural plant based food in a delicious way.
Want to prepare fast healthy yet yummy food that even children enjoy?
Learn to prepare, cook, choose and buy natural ingredients and eat from comfort of home with love and happiness.

1. Raw Vegan Cheese Cake with Compote
2. Raw Mozzarella Cheese
3. Raw Bread
4. Kimchi, kraut
5. Probiotic Sparkling Cold Press Juice
(We have so much more to share eg. superfood and herbs smoothies, how to make natto and miso. We hope to share them all if time permits)

Eating is a sacred activity. It is what all human beings practice on a daily basis, three or more times a day. When done with love and intention, eating becomes a very powerful practice.
This session is set up with the intention to empower individuals who want to co-create with Kathryn in jump-starting the habit of making your own food: basic breakfast, lunch and dinner in the comfort of your own home.

Date: 4 Nov, Sat, 130pm-5pm Venue: True Nature Academy (246J, Upper Thomson Road, S574370)
Register: 93889470 Ticket: $120, $108 for early bird registered by 31 Oct
Only 6 seats left. Act fast to secure your seat!