NUS KEVII Hallplay
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Established in 1973, KEVII Hallplay is a big and diverse family, made up with many passionate and talented individuals. Since then, KEVII Hallplay has continuously put up high quality and thought-provoking theatre productions. Our efforts are aimed at promoting arts and culture, as well as, providing the opportunity for students to create a shared experience in putting up a play from conception and recruitment to marketing and fundraising to rehearsals and execution. Through the script, we learn to reflect, immerse and sharpen our awareness of the human conditions and social issues. Having more than 40 passionate individuals in this big Hallplay Family, we are motivated to bring KEVII Hallplay to greater heights each year.
This year, we are challenging ourselves to put up Golden Child, a play that depicts the encroaching of Western ideals upon Chinese tradition, the confusions that result from the clash of cultures and the pressure brought to bear on the individual by the family. It is a play that articulates the unseen, yet present part of our local settings as our generation is faced with the influx of western values, and the clash with our traditionalistic values. Through this play, we hope to surface out some deeply-rooted problems in our society and provoke the audience to reflect, think and make a difference to the society.
In addition, we aim to engage the community more such as by extending our reach beyond NUS, holding workshops and doing volunteer work. By doing so, we hope to promote the arts and culture sector in Singapore and also share the joy of putting up a production to the rest of the community.

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