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Makrana marble is famous for its quality and it is in great demand in not only India but other different countries of the world as well. Makrana marble is in great demand as it has no pin holes and no chemical reinforcements are required. There is no loss of color or polish as well and Makrana marble can last more than a lifetime. Makrana marble flooring is a great option that you have to give your room a new look. Makrana marble is available in different colors meaning you have a lot to choose from. Some of the colors available apart from white are black, green, pink and many more and some of these also come with designs and patterns and that adds to the look of your room.
Marble Guru is one place where you can look for attractive and unique Makrana marble flooring designs. We offer you all information regarding marble and the vast marble industry and our primary aim is to bring together everyone in the marble industry so that connecting each other becomes easy. We provide an online platform via which marble manufacturers, marble suppliers and marble distributors can connect each other. We also provide the contact details of marble suppliers spread across the country and also deal with marble importers and exporters. There are different types of marbles and not all marbles are suitable for all purposes. We make sure that people get the right kind of marble stone they are looking for so as to meet their requirements.
We here Marble Guru, deal with all kinds of Marble and you will get all sorts of information here. We offer you 100% authentic information and you make use of our pricing details to compare the prices offered by different suppliers as well so that you get the best prices.

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