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Beautiful People is a volunteer movement powered by the vision of making every dream a possibility. Our vision is to create a world in which we are “One loving family: Every dream a possibility”. We are a platform for building mentoring relationships that change lives. The people who are the Beautiful People family journey together in an adventure of highs, lows and turning points to discover, pursue and fulfill dreams.
Beautiful People started as a programme under Beyond Social Services in 2006 with a focus on teenage girls, our belief is that as future mothers, they have the power to create new possibilities for the next generation.
In 2009, working with two residential rehabilitation homes, the Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls and AG Home, we launched our flagship programme My Beautiful Life. It is a structured mentoring programme that takes mentor Big Sisters and mentee Little Sisters through facilitated group discussions on topics such as self-awareness, self-worth, building social networks, setting goals, communications, teamwork as well as conflict and stress management. In 2012 we expanded our network of partner homes to include The Tent and Gracehaven.
We started the Beautiful People Family in 2011 in keeping with our purpose of nurturing long-term relationships that support the Little Sisters through key transitions, especially after their discharge from the Homes back into their families and the community.
In 2013 Beautiful People was the proud recipient of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre’s President Award for Volunteerism (Informal Group Category), a recognition of our contribution to the society.
The Beautiful People mentoring model has been replicated in new areas, including the workplace (Good Work!, 2013), Prison (Free for Good, 2014), the lives of our young mums (Baby Reader, 2014) and even community services both locally and overseas (GLOW – Growing Love Over the World, 2015).
In 2015, Beautiful People became a legal entity, Beautiful People SG Ltd.
In 2016, our 10th year, we established yet another significant milestone with the launch of our first boys’ programme, Heroes’ Journey. This signifies a revisiting of the Beautiful People fundamentals, whereby as a family, we believe we need to engage the fathers, brothers, husbands to be part of the solution to repair and restore broken relationships and hurts. Also, we added two new partners Darul Ihsan Orphanage and Dayspring Treatment Centre to our MBL programme.
In 2017, we started visits to Singapore Girls’ Home (SGH) to continue our mentoring journey with girls from our partner homes who were sentenced there by the juvenile court. We also launched the Graduate Mentoring Programme for discharged youth to inspire personal growth and career development. The Programme consists of monthly visits by mentor/mentee pairs to dynamic organisations like Microsoft, MediaCorp and The Esplanade where we hope to ignite the dreams of these youth through inspiring career talks and job possibilities.

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