HCD Empowering Chair Dance and Yoga
By Holly Lu Follow | Public

HCD is a unique group that hosts chair dance shows events, events with chair yoga and Iyengar workshops.
Holly, the main choreographer, started dancing in her middle school years, taught jazz dance and fell into a coma three years ago. That's when she decided that she should really look into her health. Yoga helped her stand up, and after she recovered, at least to look normal after a year, she went to India to learn yoga and that's when she started to try to learn "how to be healthy". She then learned fitness nutrition, CPR, counseling, and even hypnotherapy to help people.
She tried pole dance and that's when she got into tricks. HCD focuses on walking pretty, expressing pretty, and at the same time working out and brings benefits to your body.
Chair yoga is also something new, it helps people get to the right alignment, deeper stretches, stay in a pose longer, and lifts the chest or opens certain parts of your body when used (for example, the groin as in virabhadrasana 2).
For the elderly and frail, it's also a great way to have support and reduce pressure on people's knees.