Top 3 China Crowdfunding Platform to Pre-sell Your Products
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Top 3 China Crowdfunding

Platform to Pre-sell Your Products

- 10 new ways to crowdfund for money,

resources, or people
- How one campaign sold 85,000 units in 30

- How 28Mall raised US$ 750k & how you can

do the same
- How to open 10X retail outlets via

- Top 3 Crowdfunding platform in Asia to pre-

sell millions of dollars of your products before

even manufactured

Date: 2017, 26 Oct (Thu) @ 7.30 - 10pm

Fee: RM 104 , Bank in : RM 50 , Walk in : RM


First 18: Prepaid credit card offer only RM 38

+ 6% GST with promo code: E38

Register now:


Venue: A-36-11, Tower A , Menara UOA

Bangsar , 5 Jalan Bangsar Utama 1 , 59000 KL.

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