History Of The Game Ceme Keliling Online Nagapoker
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What is ceme and ceme around, there is not yet understand about the game ceme keliling we read this article. Ceme game is a type of card game that is played by using a domino card as a playground.

The game is basically the same as the qiu qiu domino game, but the difference is the number of cards it uses. In the domino qiu qiu game, the number of cards used amounted to 4 pieces of cards, while in the game ceme around, the number of cards used only 2 pieces of cards. along with the popularity of ceme bandar games are increasingly popular among online gambling players, nagapoker server as one of the best online gambling server in Indonesia, issuing a game ceme keliling online.

What is a city ceme keliling and how to play it? how to play ceme keliling its base is not much different like game ceme before it, game ceme played 2 players or more which in yakini there is only one bandar only and the other just become player, di ceme keliling online this all will feel to be a dealer because there will be a turnaround bandar, to determine the winner of the game ceme circle, the way is the same as in the game ceme city, where players who have a card value greater than the value of the card owned by other players expressed as winner in this game.

Bandar will always win if the value of his card is equal to the value of the card made by the player, the player will get paid 2 times the winning amount of the bet he installed, if the card he has is 9 (qiu). let not curious with the theory that is in this article, yuk! we try ceme game around in nagapoker or you click nagapoker then register and try to play the game, surely you will be addicted to this game because this game is very interesting to play

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