Global Ambassador of Holistic Health
By Crystal Follow | Public

We are a bunch of holistic health coach which inclusive former medical doctors and other allied health team members.

Our aim organizing this health expo is to heighten awareness of holistic approach to better and natural health.

We will provide best practice and guidance towards leading a healthy and active lifestyle, staying fit & update with the latest medical breakthrough science out smarting all nutrition and diet plan in the market

In this 21st century, chronic diseases are gradually increasing. Many people want to treat it without medication, but there is no way even without this information. In such living environment, many people also know that emotions are directly impact/cause disease. Now who can tell or let us know more.
Then you are welcome to participate in 24/09/2017 (Sunday) IDX EXPO. Here you can find the answer you want and the secret of medicine.

Please contact Crystal (016-9320881) to RSVP and/or to find out more information.