Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2017
By Spencer Follow | Public

Walk down memory lane with your loved ones at Chinatown’s annual Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations this September! Soak in the joyous atmosphere that will bring back nostalgic memories of your childhood, as the streets of the Chinatown precinct are illuminated by a plethora of dazzling and brightly-hued LED lantern displays, guaranteed to leave visitors in wide-eyed wonder.

Other than the impressive lantern display that seeks to bring out one of the most well-known and beloved traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, visitors to Chinatown can look forward to various other festival activities organised by Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee (KA-KS CCC) from Wed, 20 Sep to Thu, 19 Oct 2017.