Jumping Singapore
By Rosalind Tan Follow | Public

Jumping® Singapore is a non profit Social Enterprise, set up to fund the social programs of New Hope Community Services, a Voluntary Welfare Organization that provides shelters and training programs to poor and homeless Singaporeans.

We sell trampolines, conduct Jumping® Fitness Classes and organize regular, island-wide Jumping® Fitness activities to engage, bridge and inspire different communities into sporting participations. Jumping® Fitness is the original aerobic rebounding program formulated by by TOMÁŠ BURIÁNEK and JANA SVOBODOVÁ of Czech Republic. It is a fun and dynamic fitness program conducted on specially developed Jumping® PROFI mini trampolines.

Jumping® Fitness is scientifically engineered for optimal health and fitness results. Endorsed by doctors and recommended for disease prevention and building of robust health, jumping is the only activity that exercises every cell, every organ system and every muscle in the body.

Jumping® Fitness is a high intensity and low impact sporting activity that is easy on the joints. You will have so much fun while working towards your ideal body and weight. When you jump with us, you are helping us to bring "good" to the disadvantaged among us. Thank you for your support