Jasmin Ghoul- Startup and High Performance Coach
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Increasing your level of productivity as an entrepreneur is one of the best assets to hack your growth. Simply put, the success of a business is defined by your growth rate and respective metrics. By finding and implementing strategies that will help you achieve more in less time, you discover the secret weapons to unlock more revenue.

My name is Jasmin - Ex-Googler and a professionally trained Executive Coach for high performance.

Having worked at Google over 4 1/12 years, I helped hundreds of small and medium-sized web and app businesses to accelerate their growth by consulting them on their monetization -, development – and promotion strategies to stand out.

Now, I’m on a mission to help millennial entrepreneurs become their most successful and balanced version. Let me share some best practices from some of the best global tech companies and startups on high performance. Join my free masterclass to learn how to give your business a substantial boost before the end of the year.