Chasing Daylight
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Chasing Daylight is a rock band from Singapore whose songs explore themes of life, love and longing. The boys are inspired by the likes of Switchfoot, Coldplay and U2. Their live shows bring audiences on a journey packed with energy and emotion. Selected for the Singapore National Arts Council’s Noise Music Mentorship 2016 Programme, the band consists of Yap Wei Chiang (vocals, guitars), Yap Wei Jin (vocals, keys), Hosea Choo (guitars), Ian Leong (drums) and Aaron Pereira (bass).

First conceived in the makeshift studio attic of the Yap brothers' home, Chasing Daylight's four-song debut EP has flourished into a rousing anthem on courageous youth and new beginnings. It will be released in September 2017 on all major music platforms. The EP will be launched on 9 September 2017 at the *SCAPE Ground Theatre.