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Hi Folks…

We are mixed bag of entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups and those seeking opportunities getting together every fortnight to build a strong, friendly and trustworthy networking group. There is no joining or recurring fees. Our intention is to grow this group to a formidable level to do business together.


- Welcome note from organizer

- Members 2 minute introduction to the group (existing & new)

- Previous meeting recap

- Presentation on Cryptocurrency

- Exchange of business opportunities

- Other matters

- End of session


Folks this a FREE event to register. We encourage participants to get a drink or snack to keep the throat dry and stomach filled! It’s our gesture to the establishment to allow use of the venue for free to have this meetup. It shouldn’t cost more than RM15++ unless you are damn hungry then be all means please feed yourself if you didn’t have your meal ☺ Rest assured we don’t own any shares in the outlet nor get profits from the sales!


1. Appreciate your attendance for the event once you RSVPed. It’s a casual event to meet new people and mingle in a friendly environment. Please inform the organizer if you are unable to attend due to some emergency.

2. Your punctuality is valued so we can start and finish on time. Everyone has their priorities before and after, so being on time will be great!

3. Event details and location have been published with the necessary map. Kindly use Waze and Google Maps to find the location unless you end up in an odd place like Timbuktu then we might need to request the proper authorities to come and get you.

We consist of a group of individuals who are in various industries:
1. Legal.
2. Telecommunications.
3. Social Media.
4. Business Funding.
5. Insurance.
6. Mutual Funds.
7. Digital Marketing.
8. Copy Writers.
9. Corporate Training.
10. Forex.
11. Educations.
12. Renovations.
13. Wetworks.

However, participants will have to pay for their own food and beverage.

We would like to work people that is in this positions:
1. Human Resources
2. Accounts Department
3. Business Funding
4. Merger & Aquisitions
5. Crypto Currency
6. I.T.
7. F&B
8. Event Organizer
9. Business Consultants
10. Travel Companies/Agents.
11. Interior Designers.
12. Training Developement Managers
13. Safety Managers.
14. Developers.
15. Bankers.
16. Real Estate Agents
17. C-Level executives.
18. Call Centres.
19. IT System Integrators

We look forward to seeing you!


• There are NO joining fees or weird rules to be part of Blockchain Rebels.

• Just ensure once you RSVP for any of our events, you actually turn up.

• Please bring along lots of business cards. You'll need them during the networking sessions.

• Please be honest about who are are and what you do because it wouldn't be nice if someone in the group found out you have hidden agendas and were not doing what you said you were doing.

• Also, there maybe times where we conduct special events in a hotel or large event place to facilitate focused learning & sharing by invited guest speakers and experts. Members maybe required to pay a small participation fee. Please don't sulk about it or think that we are making money out of this. We use collected fees to cover the basic costs ie. facility/ event hall rental, food and drinks, internet WiFi, sound system technicians, part-time helpers etc.

*Dresscode: Office Wear OR Smart Casual*