Japanese Shoji Window Blinds
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Shoji window blinds is a translucent screen that is made up of wooden frame and it is covered with rice paper. Shoji Japanese blinds are suited to different types of windows including wood blinds that give beauty and warmth. The slats of the window blinds that are made up of basswood are covered with a sealant that will protect you from the ultraviolet rays and it has a pretty, long lasting finish.

The Shoji blinds do not warp easily and it is very easy to clean. They also have beautiful art prints or artistic rendering that makes them more charming. Shoji windows screen Bethesda MD blinds transcends time and culture adding elegance to your house. You could mix east and west cultures or you could also stick to east culture and design if you call yourself a purist. But whoever you are, Shoji window blinds will surely captivate your heart.

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