How to Pick the Right Bikini Top Style
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An essential key to looking good in a bikini is confidence. It shows in your posture and overall outward appearance. Picking out the proper bikini that's fitted for your particular body shape is very important. When you wear a swimsuit that fits you properly, your attitude improves and others notice it as well.

Women with small breasts look for a top with adjustable straps so they can have some flexibility. Halter tops are good for busty girls, allowing for more bust support. Make sure you use a top with an under wire so your breasts won't appear to sag.

Pay attention to colors, patterns and textures. For small or flat chested women, stay away from bright colors on top because it will bring too much attention. If you're busty and want attention in that area, then a bright color may fit you well. For top heavy girls who don't want to be the center of attraction, wearing a soft pastel or plain color will keep you blended in well with the crowd.

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