Safari Leather Craft Woskshop (Basic Level-3 Hours)
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This is a new alternative activity that can be a hobby or a part of participants experience in CO3 Social Office. In the workshop, they can explore new talents and develop skills by making handmade leatherworks, they will learn the process involved in handmade such as: making a pattern, cutting the leather, punching holes, stitching, burnishing and finishing, a complete guild of completing their own piece of handmade leather goods which exclusively for themselves.

My name is Oliver Kee from Ipoh. I am previously Interior Designer working with Japanese Interior Design Construction company in Malaysia, 10 years later, i embarked myself evolves in trade business to Africa whereby i have my supplied of goods from Malaysia and China to Africa, over the past 10 years, i had traveled extensively from countries to countries mainly Middle East and Africa to mentioned a few Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

In recent year, i sought for new medium when i got a bit exhausted and bored of the traveling for only general goods supply business, i wanted to pick up additional skill particularly handmade crafts and art as hobby,. Then i found my passion in leatherwork. I went to China to received workshop training and explored myself for 5 months there in year 2016, met and exchanged skilled with others leatherworks friends, With my trained Interior Designing, soft furnishing skilled background, i quickly found i can apply my previous skills creating and designing new pattern, new technique in leatherwork, something i have done for many years. I am really enjoy creating handmade leather goods from my own hand.

After returned from China, and after making my first few handbags, i decided to turn my hobby for leatherworks to my side business, leatherworks can be very capital intensive from investing leather material, leather hand tools and merchandise, i started to take orders from friends and relatives which creates extra pocket money to fund my leatherworks cost. I finds working alone very meditative and enjoying stitches of every bag by hand. Now am proud to say I am Leather Artist and Designer.

For all the workshop, i will provide pre cut leather according to course, participant can use the leather tools during the course and they will get to learn the basic knowledge of leather, how to use each of tools, stitching technique, punch holes, coloring and finishing process, i will ensure each participant can enjoy and meditative during the course, and they can bring back their own peace of artwork after complete their course. All the workshop will take place at CO3 Puchong Office.