Minty Mantra Weekend
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Minty Mantra Weekend

Date: 16th, 17th June - Friday & Saturday
Time:11:30am - 3:30pm
Fee: $133

Come get minty this Mantra Activation Weekend where you will learn about mantras and their uses within a supportive group setting. Enjoy some organic tea and bites between class.
Leave fresh, uplifted and connected !

Get ready :) These 2 taras have brought deep, knowledgeable wisdom initiations to the listener/chanter. I am excited for you to start your journey and/or deepening with them :)

This is a chance to heal, connect and expand into higher knowledge and wisdom with 2 of the most known Taras.

White Tara ~ White Tara represents Compassionate Wisdom and Longevity. Typically known for Healing her energy washes over the practitioner in the Divine Mothers white radiance.

Green Tara ~ The Green Tara represents compassion for sentient beings in form of compassionate ACTION. She inspires to act, to be the force of humanity - she is seen stepping off her lotus as a sign of her steadfastness to protect and safe keep all beings from more suffering. She is a Healing Force.


Mantras are sonic keys that resonate at high frequencies unlocking, clearing and illuminating the field of the listener / chanter. Imagine playing a string of notes associated with joy or ease - played repeatedly the listener starts to attune to the Feeling states communicated through the music. Energetic and emotional blockages are then met with an influx of light from higher frequencies and as a result are washed away and released, increasing the overall state of well-being in the individual practitioner.

Mantras are an ancient wisdom technique that trains the mind in concentration and focus as well as allows for the accessing to higher states of consciousness. We will be engaging in group meditation together on both days.

We believe in making learning fun and enjoyable, this is a workshop that is casual, focused and infinitely beneficial in value to those looking to start using mantras in their personal practice and those that have been for awhile now.

Soraia has been working with mantras and in that time have received activations that bring the user/chanter deeper into the essence of each mantra - she will be sharing these activations via sound transmissions at the end of each day.

Please bring ;
- Notebook
- Pen/ Pencil/ Colours for vision reflections.

Sentiments from a student :

"There have been times when I've even experienced the lineage of the deity associated with the mantra, and a wave of certainty and compassion flows through, allowing me to know that even through the darkest of times, there is light. And I go about my day after with much more ease!"

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