Customer Empathy and Innovation (Walk On Their Side)
By Manisha Follow | Public


It’s a complex world dominated by Big Data and where products/services are good enough. It’s Innovate or Die. Organizations are putting the Customer at the centre of things. Understanding customers as people, their culture and context has become a core capability for everyone in an organization!

However there is an Empathy Deficit (too much focus on KPIs, fear to let go of rationality).

Our group aims to sensitize people to develop Customer Empathy skills. Be it …
• Start Ups: who have worked on own hypothesis but feel the need to push forward/take greater risks/grow
• SMEs: that need to adapt to new reality by understanding their customers
• Big organizations: that want all their staff to become customer centric

Join us for training courses to become skilled at understanding customers and generate opportunities for innovation.

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