Nicholas Gerard
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Hackidemia is a mobile invention lab that enables future changemakers to access and create a hands-on STEAM education that will enable them to solve specific challenges by developing and testing creative solutions and physical artifacts. School by school, this will create a new learning model for sciences, art and technologies and prepare the next autonomous R&D generation.

HacKIDemia is an international network of mobile invention lab started in Singularity University, Mountain View, California by educator and former Googler, Stefania Druga. It aims to sensitize kids and their parents about value behind building hardware and software in a playful manner through creative, interactive and hands-on workshops. Currently, there have been more than 40 workshops conducted for more than 2000 children by 200 mentors in ten cities around the world: Bucharest, Berlin, Sofia, Austin, Sao-Paulo, Lagos, Dallas, Paris, New York and Singapore.