Abundant Life 生命探索
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Life keeps expanding and is full of possibilities... from fasting to dietary reform, from Suzuki Method to Glenn Doman Talent Education, from extensive to intensive inner soul work, Siok Ping & Siok Khoon have had the privilege to work with and witness the growth and transformation of many families and individuals over the last 20 years. They continue to outgrow outdated belief systems, transform, expand, and keep aligning with the best versions of themselves. They are here to share the joy of living an abundant life.

因深信着每个人自身内在皆具有无限的潜能,淑萍与淑君勇敢的去追求各种能啓发自我内在潜能的方法。从Suzuki母语教学法,到Glenn Doman天才教学法,从饮食和断食,到身心灵整体的健康,二十多年来目睹许许多多各人到家庭的成长与蛻变,自己也不断地检查过期了的信念,修正无效的人生观,从而更深的认识自己,在一次又一次的蜕变与突破中,找回那个最真最好的自己。现在致力于传达这完美的讯息,希望通过实践的操作,能带给更多人更多家庭更丰盛幸福的人生!