Sidemounter Scuba Diver UML
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Sidemounter UML - U for unique, M for mobile and L for Light.

Many fear sidemount diving (tank clipped at the side of a diver and not on the back) as odd, complicated, involving additional gear or too technical.

Thus I'm trying to 'dismount' that presumptions and teach the sidemount as Unique, Mobile and Light.

The Unique means diving sidemount even more unique than a traditional sidemount: no investment in custom regulators (use what you have or use).

Mobile means to dive sidemount anywhere where any kind of regulator and other equipment can be rented in addition to diver's personal sidemount harness and bladder.

Light means that the diver can pack its gear in a backpack.


Travel with the essential gear in a backpack?!!!

Yes, it is possible.