Spiritual Quest & Travel 4 Sept. to 7 Sept. 2018
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Objective: This traveling event is created as an opportunity to gather like-minded people who would like to experience and witness the teachings of Dalai Lama. Additionally, we have crafted a travel journey which you will have time to immerse in the local culture. Kindly note that we (Kyle & Rosanna) are not fanatics, and we do not categorize this as a "religious travel". It would be considered as experiential travels.

Also, we will be accepting only 8 persons for this trip. And due to high participant numbers from all parts of the world attending this event, the booking will close on 1 June 2018. If you are interested, do email to surrealistmoments@gmail.com for more detailed information.

What is the travel event all about?
To develop an understanding of Buddhism philosophy,
beginner practice of meditation, attend teachings by the Dalai Lama & discover the tibetan way of life.

Traveling is a journey of 'Self Realisation' especially this trip, able to have a rare opportunity to attend His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama teaching is special. Once in a lifetime opportunity to attain Dharma (Buddhism teachings) directly from Buddhism's preeminent spiritual master and teacher. On this special journey of the heart, you will be able to receive and hear from him what Buddhism philosophy is. Basic Buddhism and simple guided meditation will be introduced in this trip.

**Tentative Travel Itinerary**
8 days 7 night
Singapore ~ Amritsar ~ Dharamshala ~ Amritsar ~ Singapore
Package Inclusive of air ticket and accommodation SIN$2200 per person ( Twin Sharing)/ ( Singles upon requests)
Visa, Personal Insurance, Gifts, certain meals & beverages are not inclusive.
Day 1: Fly Scoot to Amritsar
Day 2: Registration & Recreational Activities
Day 3 to Day 5 Teachings from HHDL
(Note: after the teachings, we are able to take some time to visit local places and visits.)
Day 6 Photo taking with HHDL and continue with our recreational activities such as Yoga and meditation.
Day 7: Back to Amistar & will continue sight visits
Day 8: Return back to Singapore.

More detailed information to be furnished once you expressed interests to participate.
Also, once we gathered the number of participants, we will also set up an Prior meet up.

  • 10 Jun 2017

    Thank you for all who is interested in this trip. Due to overwheleming response. We have to close the group as we have reached the numbe... read more Thank you for all who is interested in this trip. Due to overwheleming response. We have to close the group as we have reached the number of participents for this trip. Meantime, should you require further information, feel free to contact us. Nevertheless, we do have other trips on the list do take a lool at it. :) show less