Theory to Implementation: AI/ML/Robotics/Autonomous-Vehicles
By Azhar Follow | Public

This is a group for people who are interested in the application of upcoming tech: AI, ML, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles. The aim of this Meetup is to bring beginners from theory to implementation in the aforementioned fields by live tutorials and projects.

The meetup is completely free and we encourage people with limited or no experience to join as we will try and cover things from the basics.

This meetup would also be an ideal stepping stone to find like minded people, collaborate and work on future open source projects.

We also encourage people to teach with the help of live tutorials. - Please use this link to add your name -

Rough topics that we plan on covering:

1. Machine Learning - Mathematical concepts, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning.

2. Computer Vision - Basics, Image Processing, Features, Calibration, Transformations, Object Detection and Classification, Pose Estimation, Visual Odometry, 3D Reconstruction

3. Robotics - Perception and Sensors, Control, Planning,

4. Self Driving Cars - Deep Learning, Controllers, Computer Vision, Vehicle Kinematics, Sensor Fusion, Automotive Hardware

5. Other AI topics - Search Problems and Planning Algorithms, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Natural Language Processing, Probabilistic Inference

A lot of concepts appear in different fields and hence are mentioned multiple times.

We are yet to finalize the format. We'll update the schedule as soon as possible.

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