MEALNIUM Project for Steffi's Birthday
By Kim Cheah Follow | Public

Steffi is turning 4 on Feb 25, 2017!

We are excited and looking forward to more Steffi adventures as she enters her fourth year! We also feel incredibly fortunate and thankful that Steffi is surrounded by love, support and plenty of resources from friends and family all around the world. To commemorate her birthday, we would like to share with her the spirit of giving and kindness for children who have so much less than we do.

We would like to make a donation to the MEALenium Project in Metro Manila, a community program (started by one of Kim's high school students) that feeds children who live on the city's largest garbage dumpsite in Payatas. Many of the children on this site are malnourished. On the weekend of March 4, we would like to bring boxes of fresh fruit and toothbrushes to the kids. If you are in Manila, please feel free to drop off toothbrushes and toothpaste (the ones you collect from hotels are great!) or make a small donation for us to buy fruit. Your contribution is deeply appreciated.