Tool of violence
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Violence is rarely the answer – but when it is, it’s the only answer.

Sandy Hook. Virginia Tech. 9/11. Some situations simply cannot be solved by talking, or running away, or with the assistance of police that are many minutes out of reach. In those situations, taking the other person to non-functional is your only option.

My goal is to give you one simple skill: the ability to deliver crippling or lethal INJURY, and to do so reliably, to anyone on the planet – no matter how big they are, or how many people they’ve killed before – with nothing but your bare human body as the tool.

Since no two violent scenarios are alike, it makes little sense to memorize specific set-ups. Instead, I use a principle-based approach that immediately changes violence in your favor, no matter the context. These foundations of physics and physiology allow you to cut through the chaos, and turn violence from something that is to be feared into something that you can wield, comfortably and intelligently.

During this 1-Day Beginner Seminar, we will cover the following:

The importance of intent
Human physiology
The fundamentals of striking and injury
Target assembly and free practice (our two main training paradigms)
Employing your body weight
Grabs, holds, and chokes
Contemporary street weapons – stick, knife, gun
Using violence on multiple people

Frequently Asked Questions:
(1) Do I need prior experience in martial arts, boxing, etc. to attend?
Absolutely not.

(2) Do I need to lift weights, or be in particularly good shape to attend?
No. This is not a "last man standing" type of training. It does involve a lot of falling on a padded surface and getting back up. I teach you how to fall, and healthy students will have no problem with this.

(3) This seems like a "guy thing" - should I still participate if I'm a woman?
Yes. 40% of students at the average seminar are women. There is nothing about being a woman that makes you any less capable of delivering violence, and as a woman, you probably need this information more than men. In the real world, when you plant your shin through a person's groin as hard as you can, the results will be unequivocal, and both of your genders rendered moot.

(4) How much will I really take away from a training that only lasts 1 day?
Enough to get the job done. We've taught thousands of students with this format, and dozens have contacted us, sometimes years later, to give thanks and tell their story.

Come learn this enduring life skill in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions about the training.

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