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"Break it and Remake it"

住所〒770-0814 徳島県徳島市南常三島町1−1

When : March 18th on Saturday
Where : Minami JosanjimaCho 1-1, Tokushima City, Tokushima
Tokushima University, Josanjima Campus, Building 2, Keyaki Hall

タイムスケジュール Schedule
12:30 開場 Open The Venue
13:00-15:00 セッション1 Session 1
15:00-15:45 ブレイク Break
15:45-17:25 セッション2 Session 2
17:30-19:30 アフターパーティー After Party
20:00 閉場 close 

Tjhere will be a total of 8 speakers at the event.


Event Description:
TEDxTokushimaU plays the role of a platform that connects and reconstructs diverse ideas beyond existing boundaries and creates a new system that can change shared ideas into concrete action. The event will incite thought into the sustainability of Tokushima, a regional city in Japan, and how we can spread new ideas born in TEDxTokushimaU in relation to "the local" environment.
We have invited 8 speakers who are breaking stereotypes and remaking things according to their own values. Through their talks and activities, participants will be able to share ideas and inspire each other so that brand new ideas can be created.