Gamified Leadership Assessment and Development Community
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“Gamification is the process of using Game Thinking and Game Dynamics to Engage Audiences and Solve Problems.” Gabe Zichermann, the world’s expert in gamification.

Gamified Leadership Assessment and Development is a high performance fitness centre that focuses on designing, developing and delivering blended learning games that experientially enhance and enrich real leadership strengths.

The “Assessment wing” puts your innate potentials to test in a real-world simulated environment. What cannot be measured is extremely difficult to manage. By clearly being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you will know what right steps to take.

The “Development wing” drives your leadership learning and development aspirations as you strive to become a world-class and highly respected leader in your field and your community.

“Every STARTUP CEO should understand Gamification, because Gaming is the New Normal.” Bing Gordon, Chief Creative Officer, Electronic Arts.

We’re creating a GLAD COMMUNITY to assemble like-minded and like-interests individuals to infuse, incorporate and integrate ingenious ideas of gamification.

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