Soul Signature
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Soul Signature, a new dance initiative founded in 2015, by Sufri Juwahir (Singapore) and Sheriden Newman (Australia/Singapore), who aims to bring together a new strand of contemporary dance works and outreach to Singapore and further abroad.

Soul Signature’s purpose is to drive and explore the heart of dance through defining and redefining contemporary dance.

We desire to create evoking, strong, contemporary performance works with a variance of dance aesthetics, with an aim towards reaching a high standard of artistic expression.
In presenting our creative works, we aim to connect and develop audiences both in Singapore and international.

We also hope to develop and be an inspiration to the younger generation, to share our knowledge and expertise and prepare the next generation to the artistic/performance industry.

Overall, Soul Signature aims to connect and share to all, what dance can bring and how it speaks to us.

The Soul of our creations will define our artistic integrity and movement signature.