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スポーツウェアは機能性を重視する為合成繊維が主流ですが、自然の中で動く時は自然の物を、そしてストレスがない状況で作られた製品を身に付け、着る人の気持ちが少しでも”ほぐれる"ようなウェアを提供したいという思いからKALIKAはスタートしました。KALIKA(カリカ)はハワイ語で絹の意味です。素材には可能な限り絹を使用し、肌に当たる部分が合成繊維にならないように仕様もこだわりを持って作っています。KALIKAはネームも絹100%です。絹の吸湿性、放湿性は綿に比べて約1.5倍も優れており、夏も冬も快適にフラとヨガ楽しめます。さらに抗菌性にも優れているので、パウスカートなど神聖なフラのウェアの素材に適しています。(パウスカートは 神聖なものでマナ(魂)が宿るので洗ってはいけないと言われています。)「服用」という言葉の語源は、古い「山海経」(さんがいきょう)という書籍によると、服を纏う事で病気の元となる邪気の侵入を防ぐ事を外服といい、薬を体内で用いる事を内服と言うそうです。現代の服用になるような天然素材の癒しを感じてもらえる服作りを心がけています。

KALIKA means silk in Hawaiian.
We are a Hula&Yoga wear brand.
Our clothing is made mainly from silk fabric.

Usually, the sports wear industry focuses on functional fabrics which are synthetic and mass produced in large sweat shops.
KALIKA's philosophy is that clothing should be in harmony with the natural environment. We want to use natural fabric and manufacture, our products in small stress free facilities. We feel that this creates a perfect harmony between the clothing and the peaceful and relaxing practices of Hula&Yoga.

We would like to provide "HOGURERU" clothing.In Japanese "HOGURERU" means to come a part or to loosen. This word can describe the process of making silk because the cocoon mast unravel to become thread. We want you to become relaxed and free when you wear our clothing.

We also choose to use silk for its amazing functional qualities, it absorbs moisture 1.5 times more than cotton, making it more comfortable in all temperatures. Silk also has antibiotic properties.Our name tag is 100% silk also.The Pau skirts( Hula's Skirts ) is considered a sacred item in which someone's spirit lives. Therefore it is not usually washed, for this reason silk is the ideal fabric for this skirts.

At KALIKA we want to apply the concept of "Fukuyou". In Japanese today, Fukuyou means taking a medicine. However the word Fuku means clothing. In ancient times, this word was used to mean both taking medicine and also wearing clothing to protect the body from evil spirits.Therefore Fukuyou is the ancient idea that clothing can help heal and protect the body.

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