Daffodils Lab: Design Thinking Lab for Young Children
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Daffodils Lab is a provider of *STEAM based enrichment programmes for students ages 5 to 12 years. We adapt the design thinking approach in the delivery of our STEAM based activities exploring these five essential learning concepts: Defining/Observing, Empathizing, Visualizing, Creating Prototypes, and Testing/Refining. This process is definitive as participants are clearly exposed to steps guiding their thinking, planning, and execution of projects and tasks.

Recognising the valuable potential for STEAM enrichment in after and out of-school hours, Daffodils attempts to bring this opportunity to all children regardless of their family background with the provision of affordable enrichment programmes. With this initiative, we aim to narrow the gap in such opportunity by addressing the inequity of extra-curricular opportunities for children of middle to low-income families. 

We design, promote, and deliver STEAM based projects that are fun and meaningful to young children, vital to encouraging a scientifically literate population and inspiring the scientists of the future.

*STEAM: Science, Technology ,Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.