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???? The Major Keys To Success ????

Discover the roots of outstanding success!
Meet Malaysia’s top entrepreneurial maestros and listen to their success stories!


Zhariff Affandi
Founder, Gemilang Usahawan
Born without arms, Zhariff has conquered the impossible including participating in extreme sports, helping the community through his own social venture company, The Zhariff Initiative and opening Malaysia's first departmental store with focus on local and regional brands, LOKA Malaysia.


Zyro Wong
Master Coach | Celebrity Speaker | Branding & Marketing Specialist
Young and multi-talented, Zyro is a social influencer who commands the uncanny ability to engage the audience and a huge social media following. He is renowned for integrating his unique branding and successful entrepreneurial pursuits that align with family-oriented lifestyle focus.


Zikry Kholil
Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Global Executive Officer, The Incitement, and Cofounder, Liter of Light
Zikry is a global social entrepreneur who co-founded The Incitement in 45 countries and created hundreds of social impact projects worldwide without any funding. Incitement Talks connects volunteers to social causes and corporate sponsors, and is rapidly reinventing the way CSR is done.


Roen Cian Nagapan
Entrepreneur, The Roof, The New Camp
Roen is a serial restaurateur who has capped many successes in the food and beverage industry with establishments such as The Hill, The Pool, Chynablack, Kyoto Lab, THE ROOF (malt & leaf, signature by The Hill, The Score, Stratosphere and PLAY club KL).


Datuk Dr A.T. Kumararajah
CEO, SEED Secretariat, Jabatan Perdana Menteri
A entrepreneurial stalwart in his own right, Datuk Dr A.T. Kumararajah is a dynamic mentor who inspires by walking the talk. Qualified as a medical doctor and management strategist, he runs pharmaceutical enterprises and is active in his leadership role in SEED’s entrepreneurial initiatives.


Raja Singham
Executive Chairman, Brickfields Asia College
A prominent edu-preneur with investments in education, corporate training, advertising, publications, event management, IT and application development companies, Mr Singham is also known for his EduNation project which provides free education resources for secondary school students.

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