Mind Your Art
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MIND YOUR ART is established in 2016 with the vision to create artistic expression through mindfulness and creative visualisation. We believe that creativity flows through the energy that sits in your centre, and we are here to help you get connected with that source!

Our workshops will engage you in mindfulness practices and painting with mixed media on canvas!


Works of art such as paintings or sculpture are often considered to be the expression and application of human skill and imagination that are appreciated for their aesthetic beauty. But the power and benefits of art goes far beyond the physical art piece that is produced as the process of producing art can be used as a transformational platform to foster a state of mindfulness that can help us to access deep emotions, passions and goals that are buried in our subconscious in the midst of the hustle and bustle of frentic living. The Mind Your Art workshop aims to make the transformational potential of art accessible to people regardless of whether they are professionally trained artists with the believe that every person is born with a creative impulse that is waiting to find expression.

Through the Mind Your Art process, you will:

· Achieve a calm yet focused state of mind

· Learn techniques of how to get into the state of flow that you can apply to other daily tasks

· Experience the wonder of using art as a tool for personal development and creative expression

· Create a unique and deeply personal art piece that you can take home that will remind you of your aspirations