SG Concerned and Loving Parents for Kids' Extraordinary Success in Academic, Personal Growth and Future
By Silvia Ng Follow | Public

We aim to bring more awareness and to recognize amazing teachers and life educators, alongside accelerated learning, tools and techniques to equip our kids with real academic skills, especially skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, are more likely to overcome social barriers, more likely to have genuine self esteem, and most likely to be genuinely prepared for the challenges of life and the workplace.

With its small land size and a rapidly growing population, Singapore is fast becoming one of the most economically stressful cities to live in. Citizens wanting a good bite of the lifestyle here are increasingly suffering from burn-outs.
“Economic volatility has increased pressure on Singaporean workers with 60% reporting more stressed-related illnesses”, a survey by Regus, a global workplace provider, said.

Children, the future of our society, are not spared. More pupils are facing academic anxiety, peer pressure and are seeking help at the Institute of Mental Health, a phenomenon that is not part of the national plan in 50 years of nation building.

Education of children is one of the greatest responsibilities of PARENTS.

Parents need to care about what their kids are learning and diligently supplement what the schools offer to ensure that children are raised, trained, and properly taught to be prepared for life.

Many parents are unhappy with some of the trends in modern education and feel that something is wrong, but often aren't aware of what is happening or what they can do about it.