Cross n' Flow
By Josephine Follow | Public

What happens when power yoga crosses over with kickboxing?
What if you combined HIIT with Zumba?
Ever wondered what it would be like to do karate and pilates sessions, back-to-back?

Welcome to Cross n’ Flow, a brand new spin on the group workout concept that brings you two back-to-back cross-disciplinary sessions.

Master yourself with mind-blowing mixes that will help burn, build and balance, cool combinations that will make you move and get you into the groove, or hot and heavy hybrids designed to test your strength, endurance and flexibility.
Start with one session to get your juices flowing, then cross over to the next, completely different workout to maximise impact.
It’s 90 minutes of pure fitness, facilitated by top-tier trainers and industry heavy-hitters.
An exciting, exuberant and exhilarating workout awaits!

Plus, it’s so much more fun with friends!
Get your posse together, gear up and be prepared for FITNESS, REMASTERED.

This fitness experience is brought to you by WANDERCLASS – EMPOWERING FITNESS COMMUNITIES.