Visual Thinking Strategies
By Wee Nancy Follow | Public

VTS is to teach our children to their observation and mind to see the world around them. . Everyday we are bombarded by more images than ever before through mass media. Our children learning in the “3-R’s” doesn’t prepare them for the present world of images and visuals. There is a need to become progressively more adept at making, interpreting, critiquing and if necessary, blocking this overwhelming influx of images.
Sometimes problems are best solved visually. Not every one of us is ‘word-smart’, maybe very ‘picture-smart’. These are some of the reasons they need to study visual learning and visual thinking. Picture thinking, visual thinking or visual learning is the common phenomenon of thinking through visual processing. Visual Thinking occurs whenever one solves a problem using an image, symbol, map or chart. The problem can be as simple as giving directions to a place or as complex as giving form to a new concept of the galaxy.

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