Laid Comers Debut EP Launch
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Date: 1st Oct 2016

Time: 7-10PM

(7-8PM Open Act and Dinner)

(8-9PM Laid Comers Launch)

(9-10PM Aftermath Party with DJ)

Venue: Stewards Riverboat (Marina South Pier)

The Laid Comers are a 5-piece band hailing from the sunny shores of Singapore. We comprise of frontman Sean, drummer Kok, guitarist ShouWei, keyboardist Oribelle and bassist Almo.

Our songs can only be described as a mash whatever inspires us, blending rhythm and melody to thrash out some blues, funk, pop and rock. Our sound reflects our nature: fun-loving, sometimes unpredictable, but always a pleasure to have around.

Back in ’09, three friends (Sean, Kok & Almo) came together in NUS KR Rockers and formed the band

In 2013, Laid Comers embarked on recording and producing our first EP. The aim was simple; to put everything we loved about music – head-banging rhythm, hip-swaying groove and altitude in our musicianship, as we dug deep to express ourselves through our own material.

ShouWei and Oribelle joined the fold in July 2015. Bringing new sound to the band and allowing a possibility for a newer direction. With our debut EP nearing completion and our new 5-piece lineup, we look to take the nation by storm, one gig at a time.

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