American laser weapon VS Chinese missile
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Global Military News reported that "laser weapon has already been deployed!" Lockheed Martin announced that their

laser weapon has been able to used at aircraft, ships , vehicles and many other fields. Military experts said that

the 5000mw Laser Pointer weapons of United States is still far from mature.It is not reliable to against the Chinese

missile in the short term.


According to the U.S. "defense news" website reported on July 15, burning laser pointer weapons only need to spend

very little input will be able to defeat the enemy. But over the years, the technology has been elusive. But hard

work pays off, the person in charge of the Lockheed Martin project has announced that laser weapons can be

deployed.Paul Shattuck, Lockheed Martin laser weapons Department official said, under the existing technology, the

laser weapon deployed on the platform, such as vessels, vehicles or aircraft.
Over the past decade, 100mw Laser Pointer weapons occurred earth shaking changes, the problem has changed from

"whether we have the equipment" to "how can we be put laser weapons integration to combat platform". In fact, the

laser weapon is no longer a technical problem but a service level problem.But this does not mean that the large size

laser weapons will appear, present arms limitation on size of 15 to 30 kilowatts of power, further development need

to solve problem of atmospheric interference, the problems affect the laser weapon in the aircraft deployment

seriously .

But the 30 kilowatts Laser Sight weapons can hit through a 2 inches steel plate with a few seconds This is crucial

for The Pentagon, and the US military has begun discussions on the use of kinetic energy weapons to combat extremist

groups of trucks.Lockheed Martin has confirmed the dubbed "Athena" 30 kilowatt laser weapon, this weapon can

accurately identify the target. Lockheed Martin is expected to provides the U. S. Army a 60 kW laser weapons at the

end of the year. At the same time, the United States Navy also installed advanced laser weapon in ship.

Experts said that the American laser weapons research has made some breakthroughs, but its power is still limited,

its laser power is not high enough.It can only deal with small targets, followed by its limited range.Military

experts said that laser weapons is not a weapon but also a political sustenance for the United States.

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