Get a laser pointer to pop a balloon!
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This Green Laser Pointer is really very bright, sharp and visible out to long distances. It is true that there is no power adjustment, so if this is really important to you because you want to use it indoors at night for example, considering how bright it is, you may want to consider a different product, although you still might be happy with it even for that use, as I am. We'll see over time how well it holds up, but considering how well built it feels and how well it performs, I'm guessing this is a product that is made to last. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, or should I say purchases because I just ordered two more!

Awesome burning laser you can see it 100yds out in the shade, sunlight of course eliminates the green dot. The laser is made completely out of metal and feels very well built. This has two different mounts for rail mount or scope mount, and two different switches. The first switch is a push button constant on, the second is a remote pressure switch that can be mounted by the trigger; this will turn the laser on as long as you keep it pressed.The green dot is bright...and large. Very easy to see during the day. I will report as to the adjustments and zero hold once I take it out this weekend.
The Red Laser Pointer is very powerful, viewable in anything less than bright sunlight. But it can be faintly seen then too. It was delivered before the specified time, that's a nice plus. The pressure pad is really big though. It will not stock fit into a Magpul switch cover. But a little bit of dremel work on the cover fixed that and it fits quite well now. It all works without problem. Coaxing the alignment of the laser is easy with the two posts, exactly like dialing in a scope. Hope the battery has a long life. So far, testing the battery shows no drain from sitting for a while. Will give a good 5 stars. And the price is the icing.
This 200mw Laser Pointer is by far the brightest I have ever used. I have not found a distance that it can not be seen. The red laser diameter is plenty large to be seen at any distance. The bracket fits perfectly on the side rail on my ATI AK stock and places the button right in thumb reach.
Long story short, I mounted it to the lower rail on my TM MP7 for use against a timed target challenge and it made my life significantly easier, as well as cutting out a lot time. I also used it with a red dot sight adjusted farther out for longer, more accurate shots. Got me one of the fastest times. As far as game wise, I used it to point out different bunkers to my team mates; both where to move and where the threats are.

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