Becoming Financially Free Through Real Estate Investing
By Bryce Y Follow | Public

This group is for anyone interested in achieving financial freedom or financial independence. I started this group to make sure others had the opportunity to learn about how this can be achieved through real estate investing.

Regardless of your experience or knowledge of real estate investing, you can benefit from mingling with local like-minded investors and business owners.

We meet to take tours of real deals we are working on, play cash flow, hear from professional investors about different avenues of real estate investing, and help each other to overcome investing obstacles.

Renatus is a real estate education community that has taught me how I can use real estate to create long term wealth and get out of my desk job.

While Renatus does offer various educational "products", you do not have to purchase anything to benefit from our meetups. The concepts taught at these events can benefit your financial health even if you don't decide to do it with us.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions!