The Stitch and Bitch Club
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Welcome - ladies and gentlemen - to our weekly Monday Stich and Bitch Club!

Always wanted to be able to knit that awesome beanie your mate is rocking?

Trying to finish that crocheted blanket before summer hits us and you gotta wait another year?

Tired of spending all that cash on fixing these holes in your socks??

Don't be scared, same as you, we have little to no idea how to do all of this, but with a little help of our friends, some solid tunes and that cheeky glass of something-something (or not- I'm dry July-ing it) we most definitely will get there.

And most importantly - the all essential weekly bitch about life, love and all things (ir)relevant ;)

So, get that friend and these needles and come hang out in our amazing warehouse space on Chapel Street for a creative, fun and bitchin' Monday night here @ Revolver Coworking!

When: Every Monday Night @ 6 pm
Where: Revolver Creative, 231 Chapel Street
Contact: Hannah (

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