Powerful burning laser
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Development of lasers.

The Kensington wireless remote with Laser Pointer works exactly as advertised. Put the USB receiver into a PC's USB

port, give it a few seconds to be recognized (we tested this with Windows XP SP2), fire up a PowerPoint presentation

(we use PowerPoint 2003), and the buttons move the presentation forward, backward, or hide it. We had no problem

using it from the back of our lunchroom, about 50' to the laptop.
Caveat: putting the receiver back in the main unit turns it off, which is good, unless someone wants to use just the

high power laser . The receiver is very small and could get lost easily (even if someone puts it in a pocket, it

would be easy to forget). If you pop out the receiver slightly but leave it in the unit, the laser is on but the

receiver won't get lost.
I was about to purchase the 100mw laser (released in 2003) since the customer reviews were well above average and I

knew the brand was pretty reliable. I called Circuit City for a price check, and if they had any special deals.

Fortuntately the Representative informed me they were out of stock (discontinued item) but kensington's newest

remote was available.


I purchased this laser for my boss who says he loves it. It fits perfectly in his hand and was so easy to use (truly

plug-n-play!). The laser pointer keychain even stores inside the remote. The buttons are perfect too; no need to

worry about pressing too lightly or pressing too hard.
1. Takes normal batteries.
2. Bright, well-focused laser.
3. Uses radio frequency communication, not IR, so you do not need line-of-sight to the computer. It will go through

a wood podium.
4. Works great with Apple Keynote and Microsoft Powerpoint.
5. Works great with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.
6. No need to screw around with Bluetooth.

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