Amazing burning laser weapon!
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Nowadays, there are great changes in the form of war and urban warfare.Variety of weapon comes out, which is particularly important for the protection of personnel .Under this circumstance, the burning laser weapon boarded the stage of history, many countries are committed to the research of vehicle mounted remote control weapon.

In order to meet the needs of high intensity combat in the special environment such as the city and mountain area, or realize the attack against all kinds of targets, this high powered laser weapon must satisfy the diversified weapon configuration. Foreign vehicle weapon stations generally use a variety of weapons configuration, types of weapons are various caliber machine guns, grenade launchers, small caliber automatic gun, anti tank missiles.

In modern warfare, combat and bad weather conditions at night will be very common, to meet the needs of combat, the burning Green Laser system must have a better view of the system. Facing the load in the modern war environment and all kinds of threats, remote weapon station equipped with a video camera, non standard thermal infrared cameras, laser range finder and fiber optic gyro stabilized system of advanced equipment, to further improve the remote weapon station situational awareness and the ability to target steady pointing and tracking, 360 degree rotation and large angle pitch shooting is realized. The robust observation system is the base of all weather observation and reconnaissance of the remote control station, so it can realize the full coverage of the time domain and environment field.

The burning laser sytstem has the characteristics of portability and intelligence, and the operation terminal of the remote control weapon station is usually composed of a display, a control panel and an operation handle. The crew can change with the battlefield situation through the Laser Sight sends the instruction to the execution organization, completes the combat mission. Some can also use the helmet targeting system to achieve the crew head rotation search, tracking and aiming at the goal, to maximize the reduction of the shooter's burden, so that it can be dedicated to combat.

The use of intelligent technology can enhance operational efficiency. Intelligent technology can improve the accuracy of the weapon system effectively, and reduce the workload of the crew.The operator only need to operate through the computer, and finally a simple operation can be carried out. Burning laser weapon station of intelligence research, carry out remote weapon station architecture, model identification, signal processing, control and optimization of theoretical research, and constantly promote the intelligence process equipment. On the other hand is through equipped with new photoelectric sensor, battle management system(which powered by a 100mw Laser Pointer ), and constantly improve the operation of intelligent and integrated command and control level, also included battle management system of remote controlled weapon station network information sharing the with cyber warfare capabilities, to enhance the operational efficiency of the system.

It can be predicted that in the future battlefield, due to the characteristics of the laser convenient and sighting system is powerful, fire allocation diversification, inevitable is equipped with a large amount of in armored equipment. After all,this is not the laser pointer keychain we used ordinary.

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