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In the world of engineering the construction and invention of new tools and technologies drives the growth of the industry. Construction projects often demand new and unique systems to overcome obstacles ranging from building the world’s tallest buildings to creating a supportable underground structure that carries people miles across the city. Over the past century engineers across the globe have succeeded in creating magnificent feats of human ingenuity by developing technologies that defy what previously thought possible. One of the major ways that they have done this is by finding ways to overcome infirmities in soil structure and content to make building structures possible on virtually any scale.

Sinorock rock anchors are commonly used throughout the civil engineering and tunneling industries. They are used to improve the stability and load bearing characteristics of a rock mass. In the tunneling industry, Sinorock rock anchors are used for horizontal fore-poling, slope stabilisation at the tunnel portal and for anchoring large section tunnels with high side walls.