Fundraising for Nepal
By Nick Dimitriou Follow | Public


Since visiting the orphanage a couple of years ago, the sad news was learnt that, as a result of the earthquake that shook Nepal last year, the 30+ boys have since been evacuated from the building that housed them in Kathmandu. They are currently being housed temporarily in Duwakot (20km East of Kathmandu).

A small group of us will be visiting Nepal at the end of June so that we can:

(1) visit the new temporary accommodation and provide the orphans with all the immediate basic items they may require including back-up generators, blankets, uniforms and learning materials;

(2) assess the damage to the old building and ascertain how much it will cost to rebuild; and

(3) find out how the local government and local and international organisations can help this and other orphanages in Nepal.


We will be working with Childreach International (who will hopefully be teaming up with the minister of welfare in Nepal) with the aim of trying to rebuild/Repair the orphanage in Kathmandu and make the new structure earthquake proof. Ideally, this will allow the building to double up as an earthquake shelter for the orphans as well as other members of the local population.

We also hope, in the longer term to support Paropakar Orphanage administrative and help it become more financially independent and also turn it into more of an education center so to attract more children into a learning environment in Nepal. A child in school is proven to be at a significantly lower risk of being trafficking (a big problem in Nepal).


We hope to host one of many in aid of this cause and will also be opening up opportunities in the future to visit Nepal and participate in Childreach's programs that allow you to lend a hand in building schools and shelters as well as sponsored hikes/cycles in the Himalayas.