Pyjama Drama Penang
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Established in the UK in 2005 by drama teacher Sarah Owen, Pyjama Drama is an award winning drama programme for children up to seven(7) years and is designed to develop key skills whilst igniting the imagination!

Over the years, Pyjama Drama has won numerous awards, including being named 'Best Under 5's activity' 2012 by Netmums, appearing on the 2011 Smarta 100 list of Most Innovative UK companies, and in 2015 being awarded '5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction' by Smith and Henderson.

Pyjama Drama's unique classes are being enjoyed by thousands of children every week - in England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, California and now in the wonderful Penang, Malaysia!


1. In every class children sing, dance, play drama games, listen to stories and of course, lots and lots of pretending! And every week is different, no two classes are the same.

2. Nursery managers and teachers love the fact that our programme supports the current requirements of the UK National Curriculum. Now that Pyjama Drama UK is in Malaysia, we're excited to incorporate drama into the local education curriculum for young children!

3. Because children develop at such astonishing speeds, we have four different classes:

*Dewdrops: from around 10 months to two years
*Raindrops: approx. two to three and a half years
*Rainbows: around three and a half to five years
*Sunbeams: five to seven years

4. We work in children's nurseries, schools, and deliver parties, as well as offering parent and child classes and holiday workshops.

5. We have hundreds of sessions on a huge range of themes and every week is a different adventure! We also have special sessions to support calendar events such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hari Merdeka, Deepavali and Hari Raya.

Call us at 012-9388116 or email for more information!