BFM Enterprise Takeaway 2016
By Dania Amani Follow | Public

F&B 2.0: Think; Rethink
Thursday, July 28, Connexion @ Nexus,Bangsar South

in 2015, BFM introduced Enterprise Takeaway, an annual event that taps into the passion for F&B entrepreneurship. We chewed the fat with chefs, experts and business owners on how to start a food business, from selecting a concept and observing current trends to confronting the challenges faced in starting up and managing a business.

We’re back this year with Enterprise Takeaway 2016! 2016 is deemed a challenging year. Maybe you think you’ve got your business strategy down pat and everything is hunky dory or maybe you want to make sure your business is bullet-proof before starting. Get gems and remove blind spots from experts on ways to fine tune your business model, channels of distribution, service training, technology adoption to supply chain so that you maintain a healthy spreadsheet and a sustainable F&B business strategy.