An introduction to Aberkyn
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At Aberkyn, we expand consciousness of leaders so they transform themselves, their teams and their organizations to be a force for good in this world. Aberkyn is co-founded by McKinsey & Co’s end 2012 as their " change leadership partners" - specializing in top team alignment, leadership developments, executive coaching and culture change movements.
Our mission is to serve leaders to transform their organizations and to be a force for good in this world. What makes us unique in our field of work is the following: · We integrate performance (hard side of business) and health (mindsets & behavior).
This means that we anchor personal and team transformation in the overall business transformation agenda. · We facilitate transformation. It is our intention to realize an irreversible shift in root perspective in our clients, leading to lasting change. · We work in close partnership with McKinsey. We are McKinsey’s trusted partner in facilitation and coaching and leverage McKinsey’s deep expertise in transforming organizations.

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