Find your Passion
By Manuel Cornand Follow | Public

This group is dedicated to people who inquire about Passion and how to build a life around it.
"If we don't have a Passion, can we find one? Is Passion paying for the rent? How do I find balance between what I like and my duties towards my spouse/family/colleagues? "

This group is a safe space to ask those questions, inquire on what is stopping us from finding and expressing our passion. Our vision is to build a community of people thriving on their uniqueness, living powerfully a fulfilling life they create.

There will be two types of events in this group:
1. Events giving information about the tools, training and support available in Singapore on the following subjects: passion, motivation, drive, purpose, calling, leadership, entrepreneurship, performance, success, relationship.
2. Events to discover practical and simple exercises to deal, on a daily basis, with stress, disempowering thoughts or overwhelming emotions. Exercises will be from picked from various disciplines like Yoga meditations or Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

We are open to collaborate on this platform with speakers or workshop leaders who are ready to share on the subject and open new possibilities through a different approach (motivation speech, meditation, psychology, etc.).

Are you ready to start the new chapter of your life?